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56 Y
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Female divorced

15 Dec 2007

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Birthday: 12 May 1963
Last name: ***
First name: ***
N°: ***
Street : ***
Postal code: 33900
City: Tampere
Country: Finland
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Margih's Blurbs
About Me: 
Finnish female, avid reader and bookcrosser. I have started swapping this year (2007) and I just love it! I started crafting 4 years ago when I had to leave my work due to bad pains which were caused by an infecton I got to my spine during a back operation. The infection caused neurological damages and I haven´t work since 2003. But I wish I´ll be able to get back to work life some day again.

I´m very optimistic person. I´m a struggler who never gives up. I might have painful days or even a week when I´m not capable to do anything but when it´s over I´ll get back to life very quickly! Ok, it´s hard, but I just love so much life!
What i would like to receive in my letter box : 
Something typical from your country, chocolate, and yes, tea and coffee are very welcome! Magazines (used are fine, I believe in recycling) of crafting, mode, home and gardens, weel, almost every kind of. Any kind of crafting supplies, papers, rubber or the other stamps -don´t remember their name in English-, stickers, whatever you can imagine can be used in crafting.. Stationary will be appreciated, too. And postcards, don´t forget them.

I also would love to receive music, so mixed CDs, or CDs in general presenting music from your country (what you like or what is hot at the moment) are always welcome. And as I like to watch movies, documents etc. your old DVDs can be sent as a swap to me.

And everything that is made by you (sewn, crocheted, knitted, drawn, painted, crafted) will have a special place in my home and heart. I don´t think that I´m so materialistic but there are three things, books, handmade items and some home decoration stuff, that I can admire on and on. Ok, I´m a woman, clothes and bags can sometimes have the same effect on me...

And of course, I´d love see the postman to bring me some day mail that has something to do with faeries, angels, vintage, sea or lighthouses as they are something that I collect.

This is a long list but I don´t want to seem a greedy person. I just wanna make the swaps as easy as possible. I´m happy when I receive something from mailman, something else than bills.

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Margih don't want to receive
Due to allergies; nuts, (any kind, hazel- etc), kiwi -products. And I don´t like coconut.
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