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40 Y
You send a real or virtual gift and in return this sirprizian will send you a nice surprise You send a real or virtual gift and in return this sirprizian will send you a nice surprise
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23 Dec 2007

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Birthday: 17 Dec 1980
Last name: ***
First name: ***
N°: ***
Street : ***
Postal code: 64018500
City: Teresina
Country: Brazil
Emerencia's Blurbs
About Me: 
I´m a Brazilian girl who likes Heavy metal/Goth Rock and cats. I´m Wiccan (Wicca Religion)
What i would like to receive in my letter box : 
My wishlist:
- anything related to cats (statues, stamps, stickers, toy, etc)
- cap from your country
- babushkas (dolls)
- girly t-shirt from your country (size S)
- Puppets
- Keychains!( My mother collects country/state keychains! Cute ones are also welcome!
- Colorful purses (small size)
-Heavy metal magazine from your country
-catnip stuff (toys, bubbles, drops, seeds, etc.)
- Jolly Roger flag (or other things related to pirates!) :P
- Scarecrow toy/keyring
-Leprechaun toy/magnet/keyring/stuff
-a pentagram/pentacle (or anything related to Wicca)
-Kalevala stuff
-anything related to your country´s Mythology
-stuffed Chococat or Hello Kitty
- Lenore comic book
- Miss Mary Scary stuff
-Nun set or the whole nun costume (I need this too much. Please, help me!)
-White cat keyring/magnet/toy/stuff
-Nightmare Before Christmas stuff
-some typical shirt from your country[size s]
-a purse from India
-Boomerang toy/keyring/magnet
-Venice Mask Keychain
-stuffed bull keyring
-perfume samples and mini bottles
-a stuffed kangaroo, racoon or koala toy
-puppet in traditional clothing
-Manuka Honey soap
-something related to any Heavy Metal band from Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, USA (no New Metal, please!), Russia, Finland (To/Die/For principally!) or Italy.
- body lotions and hand lotions
- Gothic stuff (skull stuff would be nice)
- Four leaf clovers stuff
- Cute pen (cat related)
- Cute writing papers (cat related)
- Something homemade (such as cookies)
- Fridge magnets (something touristic, please!)
- Anything about “Nightmare before Christmas” and "Emily the Strange"
- Anything about Pirates and Vikings
- Anything about Archeology, Halloween, Mythology, Wicca, Egyptian Gods
- CD with traditional music and songs in celtic, or Irish
- CD with any local Heavy Metal band

Anything about my favorite bands:
King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Rage, Running Wild, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Tiamat, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Skyclad, In Extremo, Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, In Flames, To/Die/For, Amorphis, Sentenced, etc.

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Mint or orange flavor stuff
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