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"Yesterday history.2morrow mystery+2day is a gift!That's why we call it present!"

33 Y
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18 Jan 2008

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Hey everyone!
My name is Thalia and I'm 19 years old!
I always enjoy giving and receiving gifts.I'm very interested in giving a gift which the reciever will love!I love making people happy!
My interests are: dancing,travelling,corresponding,cinema,music,making friends,hanging out with my friends,writing lyrics,drawing/painting,making my own slide shows and reading outschool books.I get enthousiastic for every single thing and I'm quite impulsive and sensitive.
I promise to be very energetic at this community.
I speak greek,english and a bit french (but don't expect too much!)
That's all about me!

What i would like to receive in my letter box : 
-I love dancing latin dances and tango,so anything that has to do with this would be great!

-Cute things to decorate my room which is in a "Victorian"style

-Manicure equipment

-Dance dvds(for learning) any dance,especially belly-dance

-Bob Ross Books/Dvds/paints/brushes/palette/palette knife

-Authentic sims games


-Digital frames

-Cecelia Ahern's books in english (not "p.s.I love you", "when rainbow ends" and "a place called here" cause I can find them in greece too)

-And _why not_ some scrapbooking instractions and materials to start this hobby too! I've seen so much people being into it over here!! :-)

I've written the gifts with my willing order but anything would be great...Just use wisely your imagination!This is all that matters! :-))

Oh!you can also have a look at my blog where I have pictures to make it easier...


Some surprises I have already sent and recieved:

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Brown Red Yellow
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English Greek French(a bit)
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très gentille sirprizienne !
contente d'être ton amie !
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