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Female single

30 Nov 2008

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Birthday: 18 Sep 1981
Last name: ***
First name: ***
N°: ***
Street : ***
Postal code: 23221
City: Chesapeake, VA
Country: United States
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About Me: 
I am a 27 year old social studies teacher with a lot of time and a great love for everything on the internet. I love history, especially anything related to Rome and the Middle Ages. Classical and Baroque art is pure, absolute beauty.
What i would like to receive in my letter box : 
I would love to get new manga or something that I collect such as metal lunchboxes, scarves or art prints. I also adore cute accessories. Cupcake earrings go with everything! I love purses and can never have too many. Simple things are also awesome, such as postcards or pins/keychains.

I would love to get anything with a coffin on it. It can be anything! A coffin shaped wallet, a pocket mirror with the picture of a coffin, a pen with coffins on it. Anything to add to my collection of coffin things.

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