Rencontrez des nouvelles personnes en s'offrant des cadeaux
The unique site where you can meet people by sending gift !
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All people can participate to Sirpriz and swap with others sirprizians , no limit of age or nationality and it's free.

You have 4 ways to swap : sirpriz mix, theme swap, direct swap and Sirpriz Baliz.

You have 2 ways to win gifts :lottery and sponsorship

How to swap?

Theme swap is a game organized by a sirprizian.
It's an exchange around a theme.
A sirprizian must have reputation point > 0 to create a swap.
Then he waits that others sirprizians subscribe to his swap.
Once registration completed on schedule the creator of the swap click on a button and each member will be connected with another member of the swap.

SIRPRIZ MIX each first of the month :
Setting relationship randomly once a month.

You have to wait for the SIRPRIZ MIX whose countdown is displayed at the top of the page and expressed in days.

When Sirpriz Mix is started, mailing address of a sirprizian chosen at random will appear by clicking on the link "sirpriz mix".

You'll have to send a gift to this member, and in return you'll receive also a surprise of another member.

Member may choose to not participate in sirpriz mix (My account > my profile space> I stop the mix for the moment tick YES), but can still participate in other swaps game.

Warning: your presentation on the forum is Required to validate your participation in sirpriz MIX.

Direct swap: You can organize a direct swap with Sirprizian from the list of members.
You can access the database, the Sirprizians forum, search for a partner based on city, age, sex, or interests and exchange gifts with that member.
What is a Sirpriz Baliz ?

A sirpriz Baliz is an anonymous package or letter which contains a gift that will be replaced and sending again.
Thus Sirpriz Baliz will travel around the world to achieve an eternal chain of transmission gift.
We could trace the Sirpriz Baliz day by day around the world... !

I want to send a Sirpriz Baliz, what i have to do?

1- You must be a member of to create a Sirpriz Baliz. Sign Up
2- Prepare a Sirpriz Baliz : choose a strong letter or package, customize it and put a gift inside.
3- Choose a secret code and write it inside the package or letter.
4- Write this message on your Sirpriz Baliz :

To know who send you this gift, enter the secret code written inside here
Change the gift and adress and send to another person member or not of
Do not change the secret code.

5- Record your sirpri baliz on
6- Send your anonymous Sirpriz Baliz to the person of your choice.

Your Sirpriz Baliz could be seen an shoot by thousand people all over the world!

I have received a Sirpriz Baliz, what i have to do?

1- go to to know who send you this gift.
Enter the secret code written inside of the Sirpriz Baliz and record the new position of the Sirpriz Baliz, at your home :).
2- Take the gift and replace it by another.
3- Send it to another person of your choice.

Thus Sirpriz Baliz will travel around the world to achieve an eternal chain of transmission gift.

How to win gifts?


You can register for the Sirpriz lottery !
To participate you must have a reputation more than 0.

Every Saturday night at 20:00 one sirprizian will be chosen at random.

All other members enrolled in the SIRPRIZ LOTTERY will send to him a gift no later than the following Wednesday!

Registration is valid only for a Saturday. If you want to play again you must reapply until next saturday before 19:55 !

Good luck!


Win 2 cocofiz to each new member sponsoree who subscribed thanks to you!
Then choose a gift in sirpriz kavern.

Warning, only sponsorees who participate to sirpriz will be recognized.
So we reserve the right to withdraw cocofiz to sponsor whose sponsoree do not participate.

We wish you full of godchildren!

Sirpriz ? What does it mean ?

Sirpriz is an original idea !

The idea behind it is simple: send a real surprise by the Post office or through a delivery service to somebody and receive one in return !
Register, it's free and you can become your own Father Christmas !

Sirpriz means "Surprise" in creole lang!

It is after a trip to the Seychelles, more particularly at the time of the visit of the island of La Digue, that we took notice of the generosity of people of Seychelles and this brought about the idea of calling the site SIRPRIZ!

Over there, everyone you encounter will say hello, and everyone is ready to accomodate you in their home !

This is why on our return, we wanted to recreate something in the spirit of this astonishing way of living by creating site SIRPRIZ :-)

FAQ : Questions

Sirpriz : what is it ?

We have noticed during various conversations that adults complain about not receiving gifts like when they were children.
So, we thought that sending some gifts would be very pleasant !
With Sirpriz, you don't have to wait for christmas or a birthday ! You can receive a gift every month!
Sirpriz is a website which puts you into contact with other people who will each be sent a true gift.
Be careful ! The person to which you will send a gift will not be the person who will send a surprise to you !
There are as many gifts as members.
The caracteristic is that nobody knows what gift they will receive, nor from they will receive it from !
Indeed, Sirpriz sends an email to members communicating the profile of the person who they will sprining a surprise for.
If receiving or sending a gift every month seems too much for you, you must put yourself in pause mode by ticking the relevant box in your profile.
You can then come on the forum and give us your impressions :-)

Sirpriz, is it free ?

Yes, Sirpriz is totally free.

What sort of gift can i send ?

You can send the surprise you want!
New or second hand, a gift can be an object of which you don't find useful anymore, or an object you have made.
You can buy a gift at a shop or you can make it yourself.
Don't forget to have a look at the member profile to see his tastes.
Examples of surprises : a pencil, a book, a dvd, a handmade object, a video cassette, a watch, and why not a car or a plane ticket ?

What do i have to do to receive a gift at home ?

Registering on the site is sufficient and you must wait for a confirmation by e-mail.
You will then receive a link to the profile with a description of the tastes of the person who you will be sending a gift to.
From this moment, you must seek and send a gift to this person who will be opening it on the 25th.
You can keep your christmas tree all year round.
If in July a friend returns on your promise and you ask why you have a fir tree with gifts in your living room, tell him about Sirpriz :-)
The member will have to receive the surprise before the 25.
Send your Sirpriz gift as soon as possible !

If I do not want to take part for a certain period is it possible ?

Yes, all you have to do is tick the box in your profile.
For example, if you leave on holiday, or if you find that every month is too often, this will put you in pause mode.
You will be able to return after unticking the box.
By ticking the box, you won't receive any more emails and you won't have anymore free gifts to send but you won't receive anything either.

How to earn reputation points to prove that I am a good player?
- 1 point awarded for a positive reputation received after sending a gift to a memeber(any game)
- 1 point won every 40 posts in the forum
- 1 point earned for 5 ratings left for others members
- 1 bonus point won every 5 positive points obtained

Tip: You have to give the most possible points reputations to others to increase your own reputation.

Use reputation's buttons only for the sending of gifts
For any other point on the limb, there is a feedback system (visible on profile).

Why I do not see reputation button in the member profile to distribute reputation?
We must have posted at least 5 posts in the forum to see reputation button on the profiles.

Who are the webmasters of Sirpriz ?

2 webmasters who like to offer and receive a lot of gifts :-)

It is possible that certain months you do not receive gifts because their sending is subjected to the only goodwill of each member, catch up with then by making “swaps” (voluntary exchanges) with Sirprizians!
The emails can sometimes go in the heading SPAMS of your box email.
Your address and your information are confidential and will not apparaitront on the site.
Only a member per month will be able to see it to send your Sirpriz to you.
Live the swap, the exchanges of gifts, the friendship and the new meetings in the world!

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