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At Sixes And Sevens
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"is stuck between six and seven"

42 Y
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Female single

02 Jul 2008

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Birthday: 07 Jul 1979
Last name: ***
First name: ***
N°: ***
Street : ***
Postal code: V6P2W8
City: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada
AtSixes's Blurbs
About Me: 
- i am sarcastic - i balance the optimistic realist with the pessimistic dreamer sides of myself - i find humour in all the wrong places - i'll rarely show my cards - i will continue to put all my eggs in one basket despite the lessons i've learned - i allow others to make the small decisions - i'll think of every outcome before i make a split second decision but i don't think i'm calculated - i believe fortune cookies - i don't like to tell the same story twice which is why it seems like I never have a story to tell

my favourite types of people are:
people who are honest all the time but above all in the worst situations - people who understand that usually no one has the same beliefs whether it's cola or religion, that it's possible to be a capitalistic communist, black and white, wrong and right, good and bad, righteous and evil all at the same time - people who think that the world is filled with endless realms - people who try to make educated decisions especially in their convictions - or at the very least people who remember the month my birthday is in
What i would like to receive in my letter box : 
mail! i love mail!

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AtSixes don't want to receive
return to sender letters.
stuff you should have recycled not reused.
things that are made of glass and break in transit :(

oh and no vampire stuff because my roommate is terrified of vampires.

oh and another no, no incense or smelling stuff of the flowery type... sneezes.

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