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Bed linen match - organic vs synthetic.

Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:52 pm

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The stylish interior is made up of parts, and a very important part in bedroom design is the bed linen. It allows you to complement the interior and creates a comfortable, intimate atmosphere. You can choose any option depending on the style of your bedroom.

Bedroom, made in the historical style – the Rococo, Baroque or Empire style, with carved details, draperies requires in addition luxurious fabrics. Perfect for a bedroom will be the bed linen Blumarine jacquard. Even the names of these sets Purple Baroque" and "Rococo Love" tells a good compatibility with historical classics. The second option for a bedroom – silk linen with classical patterns, for example, "Cream in chocolate" or "Gold chocolate". This lingerie accentuates the palatial luxury of classical interior looks worthy of its surroundings. If the bedroom has a massive furniture with carved details, or a bed with leather headboard – choose from linen fabric with a slight sheen of the jacquard, or silk.

Today is a very popular architecture it is possible to complement bedding with a large picture, done in 2-3 colours. Such kits as "Parisian chic" will fit well in the bedroom in a minimalist style.

If the bedroom is decorated in country style, the furniture in the room mainly made of wood, often with artificial antique effect. In this environment, looks good bed linen with imitation patchwork, complete the "Stylish stripe patchwork". The interior in the country style can look deliberately rough or romantic, depending on the details. Romance in bedroom in country style will bring the lingerie with floral pattern – Purple Victorian rose", "Swan orchids" and many others. Floral motifs are popular, so the choice is very wide, and you can choose the material like: satin, silk, cotton.

Smaller flowers in the set "Pink daisies" – a very characteristic pattern poplin. Poplin and other cotton fabric is the basic textile for style of Provence. So linen it is also advisable to choose cotton, practical, for example, of poplin.

Jacquard linen will fit perfectly in a shabby chic style, where the bedroom is particularly cozy.

The country house is decorated in a Chalet style? It is desirable that the bed linen match the overall style decision. It is best to opt for the exquisite silk lingerie with unusual motifs, such as "Night Panther". Soft bedding such a plan will be a continuation of the style of the Chalet. But you can also play on the contrast and choose something bright and exotic, like "Butterflies on silver".

Recently, we described organic pillows here.
Bedroom in modern style, you can choose almost any bedding. Pattern and color also can be choose according to your mood, so you should buy a few different sets. With each of them the room will look completely new, besides if you purchase multiple sets will probably give a good discount. Common today, eclectic also provides ample opportunities for choice of bed linen. Because eclectic suggests a mixture of styles, and bed in the interior can be absolutely anything.

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