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Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:01 pm

je suis donc une lyonnaise de 50ans, mais qui a 15ans a arreter de grandir, j'aime creer par dessus tout, de tout avec rien, et je suis cuisiniere, j'aime mes deux hommes, pere et fils, et la vie pardessus tout



The Hyperion Cantos has been my fiaorvte Sci-Fi books… no.. fiaorvte books of all time. The originality and complexity and genus behind the universe Simmons created is perfectly genus! I cannot recommend these books enough.
Who is better, Messi or Suarez?
Hmm I don't mind the smilies all that much soetmiems I get the impression that when someone sends certain ones I think they are being sarcastic but its not that much of a bother to me. My HUGE pet peeve when texting is the ILY like where the hell is the emotion in three letters that should make up three words? I love you It looks so much better when spelled out. And the TTYL and all those other ones bother me too. I would use the TTYL and BRB if I have to text in a rush and get my phone out of my hands but thats only it. I wouldn't use it if I were to have a honest conversation with someone. I have this one friend who types lyk dis all da tym and it gets so hard on the eyes when I read it I understand it but to me it shows poor writing and communication skills.
Glad I've finally found sotehming I agree with!
Yeah that's what I'm talking about ba-yc-nibe work!
So what is this Jury Duty about? How does it work? What I know about Jury Duty is what i learned while watching that Pauly Shore movie, Jury Duty. If you get a summons, do you have to leave everything you are busy with and go? What if you are in the middle of a very big project at work that cannot go without your involvement? And like me for in&a3nces#82t0; i dont have leave at work. I get paid by the hour. Why I work is what i pay. 3 or 3 days means a heck of a chunk from my salary. Would be interesting to hear about thisBen
It's really great that people are sharing this inirtmaofon.

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